WagmiDAO is aimed to become the first AMM DEX that owns a large part of its liquidity.

What is bonding?

Bonding means that users will be able to sell their liquidity (in the form of LP tokens) to the protocol in exchange for discounted $GMI tokens.
By doing that the bonder receives vested $GMI tokens (Bonds). Every Bond will mature and unlock linearly for 5 days. The bonder can claim his unlocked $GMI tokens at any time.
For example:
If the BOND price is 20% lower than the actual $GMI token price, that means you are making 4% daily on your investment.
If a bond matures over a 5 day period, then after 3 days, 60% of the $GMI tokens can be claimed.
The protocol acquires liquidity through the user's Bond purchase, while the user earns the reward making it a symbiotic win-win-situation. After claiming the $GMI tokens, the user will be able to earn even greater yields with auto-compounded Staking.
Bonding is the best possible way to grow the Treasury while simultanously also ensuring Deep Liquidity of the WagmiSwap for traders.
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