WagmiSwap is the first multichain reserve-backed decentralised exchange (RDEX). It's built by combining an Automated Market Maker with owning parts of its liquidity.


WagmiSwap is the core function of the protocol using both provided liquidity as well as Bonds in order to ensure a stable amount of liquidity for traders.
On WagmiSwap trading can be executed without the need to use a Centralized Exchange. Everything you do on WagmiSwap is routed directly through your own wallet in a non-custodial way - no need to trust someone else with your funds.
WagmiSwap has a 0.3% trading fee. The fee is paid by any trader who executes an order. After that, itโ€™s split in half:
  • 0.15% goes to the Treasury.
  • 0.15% goes to the Liquidity Providers.

Liquidity Pools

WagmiSwap allows for its users to add a pair of Crypto assets into a Liquidity Pool, receiving LP tokens representing their share. After they do that, they start receiving a proportional part of the trading fees of the pool.

For example:

If you deposit $GMI and USDC into a Liquidity Pool, you receive GMI-USDC LP tokens. The number of LP tokens received represents your share of the GMI-USDC Liquidity Pool. You can proceed further with your LP tokens at your best interest, for example by depositing them into the Farms to earn rewards, or by buying Bonds ($GMI tokens at a discount)!
All funds are redeemable at any given time by removing your Liquidity.
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