Stake & forget - $GMI
A big percentage of $GMI token emissions will be directed towards auto-compounded Staking of the $GMI token.
Auto-compounded Staking means that you can maximize your profits through the power of automatically re-staking profits into your stake.
Token holders can automatically re-stake compounded interest and their tokens, and earn outstanding APYs passively while the protocol Treasury expands steadily.



The interest is displayed as an APY (annual percentage per year), which already includes the compounding.


There is a small $GMI bounty for users who execute the compounding function.
  • 0.02% of all pending $GMI yields are directed towards the user who executes the compounding function.
  • This bounty is given as a reward for providing a service to other users.
Whenever you successfully claim the bounty, you execute the $GMI compounding function for everyone staked.


Deposit Fee: 0%
Unstaking Fee:
  • 0.5% if you unstake (withdraw) within the first 72 hours after depositing.
  • The 72 hour timer resets if you manually stake more $GMI.
  • After 3 days without any transactions on your stake, you can withdraw your $GMI tokens with no fee at all.
Performance Fee:
  • 2% of all harvested yields are going back to the Treasury.
  • For example:
    If the harvest equals 100 $GMI, then 2 $GMI would be subtracted as a performance fee and returned to the Treasury.
All fees collected will flow to the Treasury, leading to an increased floor price for the $GMI token.


Staking leads to an increased floor price of the $GMI token and therefore benefits token holders and stakers, the Treasury, and the ecosystem as a whole.
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